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Edited by Katia Hadidian. Essays by Martin Barnes (Senior Curator of Photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London); Dr Linda Komaroff (Curator of Islamic Art and the Department Head, Art of the Middle East at LACMA); Jessie Wender (Photo Editor at ‘The New Yorker’) and Mitra M. Abbaspour (Associate Curator in the Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art, New York).

Now in his mid-career, the acclaimed artist-photographer Hassan Hajjaj has had many lives that inform the work he creates today. This timely publication explores how his upbringing in Morocco and London, his experiences in fashion and interior design, and his adventures in the music industry influence the vibrant colours, joyful spirit and visual rhythm of his highly sought-after images.

Rose Issa Projects, 2013
Hard cover, 120 pages, 100 colour photos
ISBN: 978-0-9570213-5-8

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